Skin Care for Baby
What is truly good skincare for delicate babies?What is truly good skincare for delicate babies?

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Skin Care for Baby

Babies' skin is said to be about half as thin adult's (about 1 mm), making it very thin and delicate.
Since the amount of sebum produced is low and the skin is very prone to dryness, it is easily affected by external irritants such as friction and dirt.

Q1What kind of skincare is good for babies?

Choose gentle skincare.
A.Choose gentle skincare.
Newborn babies cannot express feelings verbally such as itchiness or pain. In order to determine if a product is suited to your baby's skin, it is recommended to conduct a patch test on the inside of their arms or somewhere with soft skin before use.

It is also very important to know what is not in the product, even if it is called additive-free. Pay attention to the presence or absence of fragrances and colorants, in addition to synthetic ingredients (surfactants, preservatives, ethanol, etc.) that may irritate the skin.
※For patch testing of soaps and body washes, apply foam lathered with water and rinse off after 1 to 2 minutes.
8 additives-free

The product is designed and formulated to reduce risks to skin by eliminating unnecessary substances and to ensure the necessary ingredients are delivered to the skin.

8 additives-free  8 additives-free
※1:We do not use preservatives as stipulated in the cosmetic standards of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

Q2How should I wash?

Wash gently to keep it clean.
A.Wash gently to keep it clean.
It is very important to wash your baby's body and keep it clean, but if you remove too much sebum by washing, you may end up drying their skin.

Be particularly careful of body washes that use synthetic surfactants, as some of them powerfully cleanse and can be irritating to the skin. We recommend cleansing products that gently cleanse the skin while leaving it moisturized.
Wash gently to keep it clean.

Q3Is moisturizing skincare necessary?

Moisturizing skincare protects your baby's.
A.Moisturizing skincare protects your baby's.
The delicate skin of babies is easily irritated by the slightest thing, often causing skin irritation. In particular, dryness is the skin's worst enemy, and when the barrier function of the skin is damaged by dryness, skin problems are more likely to occur.

This is where moisturizing skincare becomes important. A well-moisturized and hydrated skin has an improved surface texture and barrier function, which helps protect itself from various irritants. After bathing your baby, use a moisturizer made with the gentlest ingredients possible to keep the skin well moisturized.
Body soap for babies using botanical oil with a gentle feel after washing

Body soap for babies using botanical oil with a gentle feel after washing