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About Our Factory in Miyako-Jima about Material

Making products with care for mom and baby.

Our factory is located in a suburban area rich in nature, a little away from the city of Miyakojima, Okinawa.
We make cosmetics for mothers and babies in a place where the vitality of plants can be felt strongly.
Here is a walkthrough of our factory which is filled with care and attention to detail.

01Exterior & showroom

Milpoche Organics Exterior & showroom
Milpoche Organics Exterior & showroom

The showroom is sometimes visited by locals and tourists because it looks like a café.
In the exhibition space, products we manufacture as well as baby products from our sister brands are showcased.
A large window with a view of the manufacturing room allows visitors to observe the production of cosmetics products.

02Testing and development lab

Testing and development lab
Our pursuit of higher quality products.
In our laboratory (testing and development lab), we conduct testing to verify the safety of cosmetics products before they are delivered to our customers as well as develop new products.

We continually conduct testing, research and development to provide safe products with superior quality to our customers.

03Manufacturing room

There are three main production processes taking place in our manufacturing room.

The first step is "distillation". First of all, we pass the main ingredient, leaves of shell ginger, through steam to make distilled water (herbal water).Most cosmetics often use "water (purified water)" as their main ingredient, but at Milpoche Organics, we use this distilled water lavishly in our product manufacturing.
Emulsification and Mixing
Emulsification and Mixing
The second step is "emulsification and mixing”. This is the core of cosmetics manufacturing, where various ingredients are mixed together in a large " VACUUM EMULSIFIER". In the manufacturing of creams using the patented technology, the particle size of the emulsion is checked under a microscope every time after emulsification. By mixing under vacuum conditions, the particles become much finer and a very fine texture can be achieved.
Emulsification and Mixing
The third step is "filling". This is the process of bottling the finished cream and other products. At Milpoche Organics, each bottle is carefully bottled by the hands of our staff with care and attention.

04Packaging and shipping room

Packaging and shipping room
Delivering our products with care.
This is where the final work is done to deliver our products. Bottled cosmetic products are boxed, sealed and packed in boxes for shipping.

Our staff together put their hearts and souls into each of our products in delivering them to customers.