Five CommitmentsFive Commitments


for Safety for Safety

Our five keys for safety and security.

01. 8 additives-free

We carefully select and use only what is necessary for your skin, and manufacture skincare products with formulations that eliminate irritation as much as possible.

  • free/1Surfactant additives-free

    Surfactants are not contained in any of our products because we use ingredients that do not irritate skin.

  • free/2Synthetic coloring additives-free

    Synthetic coloring agents or ingredients to add color are not contained in any of our products because we only use ingredients necessary for your skin.

  • free/3Synthetic fragrance additives-free

    In addition to being free of synthetic fragrances, our products are also formulated with the minimum of natural fragrances. The subtle scents of our products are from raw materials essential for your skin.

  • free/4Preservative additives-free

    Synthetic preservatives are not used in our products as they are known to potentially affect the skin. Instead, we use natural ingredients as antiseptics.

  • free/5Mineral oil additives-free

    We use only plant oils and no mineral oil in our products so that we can deliver the goodness of plants to you.

  • free/6Ethanol additives-free

    Ethanol is not used in our products because some users find it irritating to skin.

  • free/7Silicon additives-free

    Silicones are not used in our products because we handpick natural ingredients and only use ingredients necessary to skin.

  • free/8Synthetic polymer additives-free

    Synthetic polymers are not used in any of our products to respect the skin's natural ability to moisturize itself.

※We do not use preservatives as stipulated in the cosmetic standards of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

02. Gentle to skin
Patented technology

Incorporating a patented technology called "three-phase emulsification"
The products are developed using Kanagawa University's patented "three-phase emulsification*" technology (Excluding HANDMADE SOAP and BODY SOAP).
This eliminates the need to use surfactants that are likely to be irritants to the skin,reducing risks to skin and making our products gentle to the skin of mothers and babies.

This mark indicates that the product was made using Kanagawa University's patented three-phase emulsification technology.
※Three-phase emulsification is a patented technology of Kanagawa University.
(Patent No. 3855203, "Emulsion Dispersant and Method of Emulsification and Dispersion Using the Same, and Emulsified Products")

03. Pre-product release tester surveys

Conducted with the help of moms and babies
Prior to a product release, we ask moms and babies to use the product as testers and share their opinions with us. We reflect the many comments received in our product development and deliver the final product to you after repeated improvements.

We will continue to develop our products by listening to the voices of our customers to deliver what moms and babies truly seek.

04. Obtained "ISO22716" certification

First cosmetics manufacturing plant in Okinawa
On October 25, 2017, we acquired ISO22716※ certification, an international standard for the manufacture and quality control of cosmetics.
In March 2017, we began working to acquire this certification so that our factories, which manufacture the products we send to you, can establish and maintain a high quality control system, and after an external review by a third-party organization, our quality standards were recognized as internationally reliable.

We are the first cosmetics factory in Okinawa to be certified by SGS Japan Inc. (Certification body: SGS Japan Inc.)
We will continue to manage quality in accordance with strict standards and strive to deliver safe and reliable products with exceptional quality.
※Cosmetic GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)…International standard for technical guidelines on cosmetics manufacturing control and quality control.

05. Clean manufacturing environment

Hospital operating room-quality environment
At our factory in Miyako, Okinawa, we conduct thorough sanitary management to ensure the delivery of safe and reliable products with exceptional quality.
In the clean room where our products are manufactured, the air pressure is adjusted to prevent outside air from flowing in, and facilities equipped with high-performance filters are installed to keep hospital operating room-quality cleanliness. The products we deliver to you are manufactured under a highly controlled environment.