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Brand Concept

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Gifts from nature for moms, babies, and
expectant mothers.

Milpoche Organics is a purely domestic organic cosmetic brand born from the blessings of plants grown on Miyako-Jima, Okinawa.
For mothers, babies, pregnant women, and everyone around them to live healthy and happy lives, we promise to continue to create skincare products that are kind to both people and the environment.

01About Milpoche Organics

Started from
the voices of 50,000 moms

Milpoche operates services to enrich the lives of mothers and babies, including a support campaign for expectant mothers about to give birth and a website for baby gifts.

The Milpoche Organics brand is the result of feedback from many moms who told us, "I wish there was a product like this!".

We are committed to manufacturing products from the standpoint of moms and expectant mothers, and deliver products that can be used with peace of mind.

02Our Thoughts

for pregnant women

Experiencing significant changes in their body and skin conditions, expectant mothers are very sensitive to ingredients and fragrances.
"I want to use products that are as safe as possible during my body's delicate phase, as well as for my baby inside"
"I want to use fragrances and ingredients that are readily accepted by my body, even with morning sickness and changing skin conditions"

We propose skincare products that can be used safely by expectant mothers sensitive to various changes.

for mothers

Childbirth is often said to be the biggest turning point in life, a mother's body is reborn after giving birth.
Childbirth can be a great opportunity to start using only what is beneficial for your body.

We propose a simple skincare regimen with as few extras as possible for mothers who are busy with childcare and do not have much time. The products can be used for their babies as well with peace of mind.

for babies

Newborn babies have thin skin and do not have as much sebum as adults. Furthermore, special attention is needed for their skincare because they cannot express pain, itchiness and other sensations.

Using only what is necessary for the skin, we propose skincare that is comfortable for moms and babies so that they can be used for delicate babies with peace of mind.
We also offer skincare that can be used comfortably by expectant mothers sensitive to various changes.

03About the logo mark

A skincare range for expectant mothers and moms

A skincare range
for expectant mothers and moms

This range was developed with attention to ingredients as well as scents and textures. Expectant mothers sensitive to various changes and new moms who wish to use something good for their babies and themselves can use the products with peace of mind and comfort.

A skincare range for babies

A skincare range
for babies

Developed for the delicate skin of babies by eliminating as many unnecessary ingredients as possible, this range is safe for moms and babies alike.