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Abundant blessings of nature from Miyako-jima, Okinawa.

All of our products are made from botanical ingredients from Miyako-jima, Okinawa.
The main ingredients, such as shell ginger, aloe, camellia are carefully selected plants that are the most appropriate for mothers and babies' skin care.

01Main ingredient

Shell Ginger Leaf Water

Shell Ginger Leaf Water

Shell ginger is a plant that grows widely in Kagoshima and further south to Okinawa, and has been used as food wrapping material since ancient times due to its strong medicinal properties and antibacterial power.

Crafted with raw materials from JAS-certified organic farms on Okinawa Island

The main ingredient, leaves of shell ginger, is sourced from JAS-certified organic farms on Okinawa island.
We receive freshly harvested leaves from the farms directly and distill them with our own distillation apparatus.

The distilled product is called "Shell Ginger Leaf Water", that is an herbal water with the ingredients of shell ginger, itself dissolved in it.
At Milpoche Organics, we use this herbal water as the main component in our products.

for pregnant women

Maintains skin elasticity as the plant demonstrates high moisturizing effects and inhibits collagen breakdown.

for mothers

Delivers antiaging effects as the plant exhibits strong antibacterial effects and prevents skin fungus.

for babies

In addition to moisturizing effects, the plant's anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are also effective in improving rashes and rough skin conditions.

02Carefully selected natural ingredients derive from Miyako-jima

Miyako-Jima original extract

The plants of Miyako-jima are said to be richer in active ingredients than those of other regions because they are able to grow a variety of antioxidants by enduring the harsh environment of heat and typhoons.
Original essences made from plants grown on the island in their natural environment without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers help foster a healthy skin condition for mothers and babies.

※Extracts that match the characteristics of each product are selected, with formulations changed for each product.

03Producers' voices

Producer's voices
All grown
with our hearts.
We are very happy that
the agricultural products of Miyako can be of help.
Wishing for healthy lives of all,
we harvest botanical ingredients grown in the island's natural environment
one by one with care.
Producer's voices